We are a dedicated company committed to providing
high-quality disability support services,
compassionate and effective services to all our clients.

Hope Health Care Services provides a wide range of support and services that facilitates your daily needs in line with the client’s goals and purpose. Our purpose is to achieve what is expected of us, maintaining high ethical standards through our well-trained support staff. We help people with disabilities get most of their daily activities through personal needs assistance, community participation, household tasks, social support, personal care, assistance with travel tasks, and much more, all done by our passionate team.

Disability Services:

Among the service we provide but not limited

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the major policies that govern Hope Health Care Services?
In Hope Health Care Services, we take into consideration three major policies. They include the privacy and confidentiality policy, the feedback and compliant policy, and lastly the decision making and consent policy. In privacy and confidentiality policy, we keep information about our client private thus cannot be told or shown to any other person, and confidential whereby bond by duty we keep your information protected and private. We value your feedback and compliant to keep track of the efficiency of services offered and make changes where necessary. We allow you as our client to make your own decision based on informed consent.
2What is the process of setting up services with Hope Health Care services?
First contact us via the phone call number indicated, or our mail or via the website. We will immediately back at you, set up our initial meeting where we will discuss in detail the services offered and the needs requested by the client, after which we will come up with the required schedule client-centered, which will be put implemented immediately. Follow up assessments and evaluation is considered.
3How do you enhance community participation?
Through the provision of programs that cut through indoor and outdoor activities, through ensuring ease aces to the public places and ensuring the hobbies and interests of the clients are met.
4Do you allow donations from NGOs and well-wishers?
We most definitely do not turn down donations from any interested group be it the NGOs or the well-wishers. We usually use the funds to better our services through hiring more trained personnel, purchasing the required equipment, arranging more activities that encourage community participation.
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